The Importance of the LDS Temple Dress

For centuries, men and women across many different faiths have used sacred dress to express devotion to their faith. Throughout human history, religious clothing has played a large part in the lives of believers. While sacred dress often differs between religions, the purpose behind it is the same: to draw closer to God in the most personal manner.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, sacred clothing is worn for the same reasons—to express devotion and draw closer to God. Reserved for the most sacred ceremonies of the faith, certain sacred clothing worn by LDS church members can only be found inside the temple.

For women in the church, a white temple dress is an essential part of worship inside the Lord’s house, worn during various ordinances. Its significance goes far beyond the face value. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of the LDS temple dress, as well as some things you should look for in your own temple dress.


Which White Temple Clothes Will I Need?

Entering into the temple for the first time is a sacred, life-changing experience. Personal preparation for receiving your temple endowment involves many things. Among them is selecting the proper attire, including temple garments, ceremonial clothing, and a temple dress.

To feel the spirit and receive the promised blessings of the temple ordinances, it’s important for members to wear sacred clothing that adheres to certain guidelines. When choosing a temple dress for your endowment or sealing, consider the following standards:


· Modesty

Wearing a modest temple dress is a simple, yet significant way to feel the spirit during temple ordinances. Not only is a modest temple dress required by church guidelines, it’s a powerful way to connect with the spirit.

· Long Sleeve Length

Whether you decide to wear a temple dress or skirt and blouse, it’s important to select one with long sleeves. This isn’t just a standard for women – men must wear shirts with sleeves that go to the wrist as well.

· Full Skirt Length

Continued observance of temple guidelines includes a full skirt or dress length. While most temple dresses are a standard floor-length, a dress that extends to the ankle is appropriate as well.

· Color and Embellishments

As was discussed above, clothing worn in the temple must be white as a symbol of purity. To avoid unnecessary distractions during sacred ceremonies, it’s recommended that adornments on your clothing and jewelry be kept to a minimum.


The Importance of Finding the Right LDS Temple Dress

When selecting the right temple dress, consider its importance. Some of the most sacred experiences of your life will take place inside the temple. Being prepared with a temple dress that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and more in tune with the spirit will make your experience more powerful than you can imagine.

Many brides today find that having a separate temple dress to wear inside the temple and a wedding dress to wear outside the temple allow them to truly focus on the significance of the sealing ceremony. After all, your temple dress holds an eternal weight that will last far beyond the wedding day.

Your goal should be purchasing temple clothes that help you focus on the importance of your temple visit. When making your selection, we suggest considering three factors.


1. Comfort

Being comfortable is a very important part of visiting the temple, as it allows you to truly feel the spirit while inside. We recommend choosing a temple dress made from soft & comfortable fabrics, designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

It’s also important to find a dress that is well-tailored. A temple dress that is neither too snug nor too loose ensures that you won’t have to readjust it throughout your temple visit. Make sure to try on a few dresses that meet your comfort criteria before making a purchase.


2. Style

A temple dress is elegant in its simplicity. Just as your dress should match the reverence of the temple, it should also match the beauty of the Lord’s house. Select a dress that makes you feel beautiful so you can enter the temple with confidence. Your temple experiences are profoundly personal, and your white temple dress should reflect that.


3. Convenience

When it comes to temple clothing, many women prefer a dress to a blouse and skirt. Not only is a dress easy to wear, it’s simpler and more convenient for quick changes.

Convenience also includes the longevity of a temple dress. We recommend choosing a high-quality dress, made from materials that will last for years to come. Consider picking a dress that is less trendy and more timeless.


Temple Dresses at White Elegance

Your temple dress is an incredibly important part of your temple visits. As such, it’s crucial to find a temple dress that matches the sacred nature of the temple. At White Elegance, we design temple dresses that are comfortable, convenient, and beautiful. Made from the finest

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