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Modest Wedding Dresses

Modest & affordable wedding dresses from White Elegance. Beautiful lace & white bridal gowns.

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  • In this time of financial uncertainty, White Elegance has the Wedding Dress for you.  Save your precious dollars budgeted for the expensive wedding dress and create the one of your dreams.   This delicate lace is perfect for pictures and a reception.  We’ve added a beautiful veil and rhinestone/pearl belt for the big day.  Fully lined.  Make it a bridesmaid dress by adding a beautiful sash in your favorite color.  Lots of Sizes!  Two Side pockets, too!

    *Sizes: XXS-2, XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24, 3XL-26

    *Made in USA

    **Hand washable Only. Do Not dry clean. 

    *Exchanges for size only. No returns.


    Style Hint: Find rhinestone belts and headbands on etsy or make your own from items found at most craft shops.  We attached rhinestones and pearls to white ribbon and tied in the back.  Share pics of your perfect creation on our fb page!

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How to do I care for my wedding dress? Are there any special considerations for preserving it?

In order to avoid discoloration and permanent staining, cleaning your wedding gown is essential. We recommend taking your dress to a professional after the wedding is over. Having your wedding dress professionally dry cleaned ensures that all stains and oils from the wedding day are properly removed.

After your wedding dress is professionally cleaned, it’s important to take proper measures to preserve it. Luckily, wedding dress preservation is also simpler than you think! We recommend storing your wedding dress in a cloth bag rather than one made of plastic or vacuum sealed. Avoid storing your gown in a place that experiences extreme temperatures, such as the attic or basement. Instead, opt for a temperature-controlled room throughout your house. Additionally, you should always hang your wedding gown by the loops inside the gown, never by the fragile shoulder seams.

Looking for a dress that’s simple to clean & preserve? Check out the featured modest wedding dress from White Elegance. Not only is it beautiful and affordable, this bridal gown’s simple silhouette is easy to preserve for years beyond the wedding. Shop today for the dress to transform your special day./p>

What can I do to style my wedding dress to make it uniquely my own?

Your wedding dress should be as unique and beautiful as the bride who wears it — YOU! There are endless ways to accessorize your wedding dress that will make your special day even more so. Adding a veil, belt, or sash to your wedding dress is both inexpensive and unique, the perfect accessory for any gown. If you’re looking to DIY your wedding dress embellishments, we recommend attaching rhinestones and pearls to white ribbon and tying it around the waist of your gown.

Embellishing your wedding gown is considerably easier if you find the perfect dress to start with. Our modest lace wedding dress can be accessorized thousands of ways, the finest canvas for you to add your exceptional flare.

Do you have plus size wedding dresses available?

Yes! At White Elegance, we believe that all brides should feel beautiful on their wedding day, which is why we have designed the perfect plus size wedding dress, now available on our site. Specifically designed to accentuate every woman’s figure, our modest plus size wedding dress is comfortable, elegant, and beautiful.

Not only does our modest wedding gown fit every figure, it fits every budget. If you’re looking for an affordable wedding dress for your perfect day, look no further than the “A Simple Affair Gown” at White Elegance.

Dresses from White Elegance are designed for the most significant events in a woman’s life. Our modest wedding dress is as stunning as it is detailed, thoughtfully crafted with your special day in mind. Regardless of your budget, we have an affordable wedding dress that complements every bride’s personal style without sacrificing quality. White Elegance has the modest wedding gown for you.