White Elegance There in Times of Need.

Life is full of challenging moments. While White Elegance is there to help during happy moments, we can also lend a hand in the difficult ones. A few weeks ago, a customer wrote a review that touched our team’s hearts. The post included the following:

Dear White Elegance,

When my mother passed away, it was hard to say goodbye. One thing my five sisters and I agreed on was that we wanted to lay our beautiful mother to rest in a dress befitting her amazing life and the love and service she gave to so many others. Mom always wanted to look nice, and we knew her final “event” had to be no exception. We went to White Elegance, hoping to find the perfect dress and accessories. We found a lace dress with extra-long sleeves. They even sent two sizes so we would be sure to have just the right fit. The lace came down just over the top half of her hands and looked so elegant. The dress was brilliant white and could not have been more perfect fit or beautiful. The new slip, hose, and slippers were a perfect addition also. She looked like a sleeping angel! Thank you, White Elegance, for helping us in our time of sorrow to do something that we knew would make our Angel Mother so happy.

– Gloria Jensen. CA

The White Elegance team cannot express our appreciation for Gloria’s kind words enough. Our team understands that while nothing can make the experience of losing a mother easy, the little things can still have an impact.

Our team is humbled and honored that you would trust us with such an important opportunity. Helping people during difficult times is an experience that we don’t take for granted.

This review and experiences like these only deepen our passion for what we do. It is what White Elegance is all about. We are by your side through thick-and-thin, in good times and bad. We are incredibly grateful for all our customers, including those who trust us with their clothing needs in times as difficult as these.

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