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What About Cookies?

This site uses cookies when you use the shopping cart in order for us to associate you with what you are purchasing. The cookies with the information about your order will go away when you quit your order.

How Safe Is Buying Online?

Actually, it is much safer than you may think!

This site has implemented a secure server. Ordering is secured providing a high level of security to safeguard online transactions. This is a very safe way to pay for products on the Internet because any information you submit is encrypted with powerful technology.

Your browser supports security features so you can feel very comfortable buying at this store. If not (or if you are still not convinced), you can use one of the other order options: phone call, fax, or mail. We would be glad to take your order any way you chose.

How do I know if an area is secure?

Our site’s order gathering and processing area is secure. There are several ways to confirm that you’re in a secure area. All SSL capable browsers have a symbol to indicate secure mode. Specifically:


Symbol Location

Normal (Insecure) mode Symbol

Secure Mode Symbol

Netscape Communicator (4.x)

Lower left

Open Lock

Closed Lock

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Lower Right


Closed Lock