Weddings during Covid
After reaching the one-year mark of living during a worldwide epidemic, many of our traditions and routines have changed, but a lot has remained the same. As people receive their vaccines and local governments begin lifting restrictions, some people say it’s time to get back to normal, but is it?  Do you stick to your […]
Baptisms are a special event for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When you turn eight years old, you become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by entering into the baptismal covenant. This covenant can only be made when you reach the age of accountability at […]
Every bride dreams of wearing a wedding dress that expresses her personality and love.  Whether dresses in lace, satin, or chiffon, your wedding dress should be everything you asked for and more. When a bride plans their big day, the wedding budget may be a primary concern.  Discussing money might be your least favorite part […]
white elegance temple and wedding dress store
When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, LDS temples shut down. Church leaders halted weddings and other temple ceremonies to prevent the spread. The shutdown had an enormous impact on White Elegance, who specializes in providing temple clothing and white wedding dresses for LDS brides.  To help their business survive the pressures of the pandemic, White Elegance […]
The search for a wedding dress can seem overwhelming. Which dress style will look best on your body type? Do I want a lace gown with long sleeves or a simple, white dress? Utah brides have so many beautiful, affordable options. Even if you have a Pinterest board loaded with inspiration pictures, finding the dress […]
For centuries, men and women across many different faiths have used sacred dress to express devotion to their faith. Throughout human history, religious clothing has played a large part in the lives of believers. While sacred dress often differs between religions, the purpose behind it is the same: to draw closer to God in the […]
When it comes to LDS temple dress patterns, White Elegance knows a thing or two. After years of experience working with women visiting the temple for the first time or updating their temple outfit, you begin to understand what makes a temple dress perfect. Our team is continually asking our customers what they like about […]
If you online shop a lot, you know the importance of customer reviews. Reviews give you a personal testimonial on the fit and feel of a dress. It can help you determine whether to size up or down. You can also learn a lot about how a company treats its customers by reading a well-written […]
Choosing the best temple dress for you isn’t always an easy decision. You have to consider your skin type, height, dress material, and of course personal preference. One of the most important considerations is deciding whether or not your temple dress should be wrinkle-free. If you’re having trouble deciding, White Elegance has the solution for […]
Life is full of challenging moments. While White Elegance is there to help during happy moments, we can also lend a hand in the difficult ones. A few weeks ago, a customer wrote a review that touched our team’s hearts. The post included the following: Dear White Elegance, When my mother passed away, it was […]