The Importance of the LDS Temple Dress

For centuries, men and women across many different faiths have used sacred dress to express devotion to their faith. Throughout human history, religious clothing has played a large part in the lives of believers. While sacred dress often differs between religions, the purpose behind it is the same: to draw closer to God in the most personal manner.


In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, sacred clothing is worn for the same reasons—to express devotion and draw closer to God. Reserved for the most sacred ceremonies of the faith, certain sacred clothing worn by LDS church members can only be found inside the temple.


For women in the church, a white temple dress is an essential part of worship inside the Lord’s house, worn during various ordinances. Its significance goes far beyond the face value. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of the LDS temple dress, as well as some things you should look for in your own temple dress.


Which White Temple Clothes Will I Need?


Entering into the temple for the first time is a sacred, life-changing experience. Personal preparation for receiving your temple endowment involves many things. Among them is selecting the proper attire, including temple garments, ceremonial clothing, and a temple dress.


To feel the spirit and receive the promised blessings of the temple ordinances, it’s important for members to wear sacred clothing that adheres to certain guidelines. When choosing a temple dress for your endowment or sealing, consider the following standards:


· Modesty

Wearing a modest temple dress is a simple, yet significant way to feel the spirit during temple ordinances. Not only is a modest temple dress required by church guidelines, it’s a powerful way to connect with the spirit.

· Long Sleeve Length

Whether you decide to wear a temple dress or skirt and blouse, it’s important to select one with long sleeves. This isn’t just a standard for women – men must wear shirts with sleeves that go to the wrist as well.

· Full Skirt Length

Continued observance of temple guidelines includes a full skirt or dress length. While most temple dresses are a standard floor-length, a dress that extends to the ankle is appropriate as well.

· Color and Embellishments

As was discussed above, clothing worn in the temple must be white as a symbol of purity. To avoid unnecessary distractions during sacred ceremonies, it’s recommended that adornments on your clothing and jewelry be kept to a minimum.


The Importance of Finding the Right LDS Temple Dress


When selecting the right temple dress, consider its importance. Some of the most sacred experiences of your life will take place inside the temple. Being prepared with a temple dress that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and more in tune with the spirit will make your experience more powerful than you can imagine.


Many brides today find that having a separate temple dress to wear inside the temple and a wedding dress to wear outside the temple allow them to truly focus on the significance of the sealing ceremony. After all, your temple dress holds an eternal weight that will last far beyond the wedding day.


Your goal should be purchasing temple clothes that help you focus on the importance of your temple visit. When making your selection, we suggest considering three factors.


1. Comfort


Being comfortable is a very important part of visiting the temple, as it allows you to truly feel the spirit while inside. We recommend choosing a temple dress made from soft & comfortable fabrics, designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.


It’s also important to find a dress that is well-tailored. A temple dress that is neither too snug nor too loose ensures that you won’t have to readjust it throughout your temple visit. Make sure to try on a few dresses that meet your comfort criteria before making a purchase.


2. Style

A temple dress is elegant in its simplicity. Just as your dress should match the reverence of the temple, it should also match the beauty of the Lord’s house. Select a dress that makes you feel beautiful so you can enter the temple with confidence. Your temple experiences are profoundly personal, and your white temple dress should reflect that.


3. Convenience

When it comes to temple clothing, many women prefer a dress to a blouse and skirt. Not only is a dress easy to wear, it’s simpler and more convenient for quick changes.


Convenience also includes the longevity of a temple dress. We recommend choosing a high-quality dress, made from materials that will last for years to come. Consider picking a dress that is less trendy and more timeless.


Temple Dresses at White Elegance


Your temple dress is an incredibly important part of your temple visits. As such, it’s crucial to find a temple dress that matches the sacred nature of the temple. At White Elegance, we design temple dresses that are comfortable, convenient, and beautiful. Made from the finest

materials & designed with every shape and body type in mind, we create dresses that make each woman feel their best while inside the temple. Visit White Elegance online or at one of our locations to browse our selection of LDS temple dresses.

Our Most Popular LDS Temple Dress Patterns

When it comes to LDS temple dress patterns, White Elegance knows a thing or two. After years of experience working with women visiting the temple for the first time or updating their temple outfit, you begin to understand what makes a temple dress perfect.

Our team is continually asking our customers what they like about individual styles, how the temple dress patterns can improve, and more. Over time your feedback has led the way to a collection of popular LDS temple dress patterns. Not only have we updated the designs but worked with dressmakers to customize fits.

Whether it is using comfortable material, finding flexible fabrics, including pockets, drawstrings, or something unique, White Elegance has a variety of LDS temple dresses that make ever temple session memorable. Let’s look at each of our most popular LDS temple dress patterns and why our customers love them.

Most-Loved LDS Temple Dress Patterns

Finding the perfect dress for your temple visits isn’t always easy. It can even feel like a massive challenge with no dress providing everything you need to make your sessions beautiful. While each temple dress is made to meet temple standards, there are key differences to each pattern. Here is an in-depth look at our top LDS temple dresses, including defining features, prices, comfortability factor, style, and more.

London #1133

One of our most sought after LDS temple dress patterns in London. Not only is the dress absolutely gorgeous with lace paneling, but it is incredibly comfortable, as well. The soft, luxurious raised lace bodice flatters any body type thanks to its stretch material. The bottom half of the dress also features a sleek, draping fabric that pleats around the waist.

Altogether this LDS temple dress will exceed all your expectations. You will put it on at the beginning of your session and feel like you are walking on a cloud. Whether you are drawn to its subtle details or comfortable fabric, London is hard to beat.

Venice #1125

Another popular choice for our customers is Venice. This dress features an all-white stretch design made from the softest, lightweight denier fabric. The Venice #1125 White Elegance Dress is fully-lined, so you won’t need to worry about immodesty during your temple visits either. You can put it on and look beautiful within seconds. It is also one of our most comfortable dresses, so you won’t get tired of wearing it after a few hours.

The Venice dress also includes strategically-placed satin piping accents that give the entire dress an empire-waisted look. It also has two pockets, which is essential to any LDS temple dress pattern. You can wear this dress on your wedding day, through your endowment, sealing, or during any regular temple session.

Madrid #3056

Rounding out the top three most popular White Elegance LDS temple dress patterns is the Madrid. Madrid is an all-white LDS temple dress that is made of 100% cotton and extremely lightweight. The defining design features of the dress is its button-down bodice, dropped empire waist, and unique embroidery. The dress is also fully lined and fits like a dream on women of all shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a unique LDS temple dress pattern, then look no further than Madrid. One look at this dress, and you will understand why. Not only is it beautiful, but it also is a contemporary design that not many women wear. Another impressive feature is that the sizes of this dress and most of our other LDS temple dresses range from XXS-2 to 3XL-26.

White Elegance LDS Temple Dresses

Shop now by visiting White Elegance’s online store. You can also contact our sales team to make an appointment to try on these styles and more at one of our Utah locations. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Best-Reviewed Temple Dresses

If you online shop a lot, you know the importance of customer reviews. Reviews give you a personal testimonial on the fit and feel of a dress. It can help you determine whether to size up or down. You can also learn a lot about how a company treats its customers by reading a well-written review.


Not only do we understand the effectiveness of a customer telling another customer their opinion of a clothing item, but it also helps us improve our business practices. If we receive a review that praises a certain temple dress style, our team will try and design future dresses using features our customers know and love.


On the other hand, if a disgruntled customer sends in a rating explaining their frustrations, our team will work hard to rectify the situation. Every review helps us learn and grow.


Most importantly, these reviews are there to point you in the right direction. That is why we compiled a list of the top five best-reviewed LDS temple dresses on our site.


Here are those fan favorites with an included customer review. The first review was sent over email by Gloria J. of California. Hopefully, Gloria and the other four online reviews will help you determine which style and size would work best for your next LDS temple visit.



One of Our Best LDS Temple Dresses - The Madrid


“I’d like to say Thank You to White Elegance for their comfortable, stylish, and well-made temple dresses and accessories. I am a size 3X. I am also quite tall. I was always uncomfortable in my personal temple dresses. After finding White Elegance, I was impressed that they carried beautiful styles in my size!! I decided to give it a try. I ordered the Madrid in cotton. It was so lovely, and even my husband complimented me on how pretty I looked! It is also so comfortable! (I feel like I’m wearing a comfy nightgown!) I am so glad that I gave them a try, and now they have my business. Since then, I’ve bought temple dresses for new brides or sisters going through the temple for the first time. Their comments have always been something like, “Thank you so much for the beautiful dress. I felt like a princess.” The dresses also wash up beautifully and look just like new after many washing. When I bought my dress, I also treated myself to a new temple bag. It is well made and perfect for all of my temple clothes. It’s easy to handle and lightweight. Thank you again, White Elegance, for your beautiful temple dresses and accessories. I’m so glad I found you!!!”

–      Gloria J. CA



Another Top Performing & Highly Rated LDS Temple Dress - The Sedona

Rated 5 out of 5

Janie B – April 22, 2020

Because of the temple closure, I have not worn the dress yet. However, after trying it on, as I recall, I like the cotton material. I will wash it and hang it to dry. I am an apple shape, so I like the style as it glides over the body. Looking forward to returning to the temple.


Belfast Set

Elegant LDS Temple Dress Getting Positive Reviews - The Belfast Set

Rated 5 out of 5

Carol B. – February 1, 2020

Love this out of the package. I wore to serve in temple and received many compliments. I can’t remember if it comes in petite. I think it would be difficult for a short person to wear as I don’t think you could shorten the top. I may be wrong. I am 5’8″ and ordered my normal Medium and there is plenty of room (I am probably in between medium and small in this style). I generally wear a medium. It is elegant and looks like easy care.



The London LDS Temple Dress - Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5

Jan – April 16, 2019

Love my London dress. I bought an XXS but wondered if an XS would be better, so I took my dress to the store. They didn’t have an XS but since I live out of town they let me go to the factory just down the street to try one on. Ended up liking the smaller one best, but didn’t need to make an extra trip to find out. Lovely staff!


Helsinki Set

The Helsinki LDS Temple Dress Set - Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5

H.Ortiz – May 29, 2019

I love this style and set. I’m very short in stature so I always have to hem any temple clothes that I buy to the length that I need. But I was pleasantly surprised with the length. No hemming needed. No adjustments needed. I’m taking this outfit to Australia to wear in the Sydney temple at my nieces sealing in October 2019.


LDS Temple Dresses at White Elegance


If you are looking for an outfit for your temple sessions, count on White Elegance. Our white temple clothes, LDS wedding dresses, and special clothing designs include styles that compliment women of all ages.


Our temple skirts, blouses, and dresses consist of easy-care, washable fabrics that resist wrinkles. All designs have been tested, marketed, and have received overwhelming praise. Our items make wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, and holidays.


No matter the occasion, White Elegance would be honored to do our part. Browse our collection of women’s dresses, clothing for men, children, and other specialty items on our site.


You can also visit one of our three Utah showrooms in Centerville, Murray, and Orem. These locations carry a complete line of LDS Temple Clothing, white skirts, tops and shoes, baby blessing dresses and outfits, baptism dresses, pioneer and prairie costumes approved for Youth Trek, modest Sunday dresses, and more.


Visit us today to find the perfect outfit for your upcoming temple visits. We look forward to seeing you.


Advantages of Wrinkle Free Temple Dresses

Choosing the best temple dress for you isn’t always an easy decision. You have to consider your skin type, height, dress material, and of course personal preference. One of the most important considerations is deciding whether or not your temple dress should be wrinkle-free. If you’re having trouble deciding, White Elegance has the solution for you. Here are some of the advantages to choosing a wrinkle-free temple dress:

Wrinkle-Free Temple Dresses are Made from Natural Fibers

Wrinkle-resistant temple dresses are made from high-quality natural fibers—most often cotton—that are specially treated to prevent any distracting wrinkles or inconvenient shrinkage. After treatment, wrinkle-resistant fabrics look and feel almost the same as untreated fabrics. Additionally, the special wrinkle-treatment increases the life of the fabric itself. A wrinkle-free temple dress can be worn for months or years longer than normal temple dresses, resisting the effects of normal wear and tear.

They are Comfortable

One of the primary advantages of purchasing a wrinkle-free LDS temple dress is the comfort that it offers. Wrinkle-free fabrics are treated to enhance breathability and softness, permitting longer periods of wear without concerns of itchiness or general discomfort. Not only that, wrinkle-free temple dresses just feel better than average temple dresses. The gentle fibers are soft and soothing for maximum comfort. Being comfortable in the temple eliminates needless distractions, allowing you to fully appreciate your temple experience.

Wrinkle-Free Dresses are Environmentally Friendly & Great for Sensitive Skin

Because they are made from natural fibers, wrinkle-free temple dresses are better for the environment, used without depleting or damaging any environmental resources. The natural fabrics are also good for sensitive skin as the wearer is generally less likely to get a rash or an allergic reaction from clothes made from natural fabrics. Better for the environment, better for all skin types: what could be better than that?

They are Low Maintenance

Temple dresses made from wrinkle-free fabrics are low- to no-maintenance. While temple dresses of the past may have required careful ironing after every use or wash, wrinkle-free temple dresses (when washed and dried properly) don’t require any ironing. You could potentially wash and wear your temple dress multiple times without any sign of wrinkles. Not only is this feature convenient, it saves hours of time that you may have spent ironing your temple dress again and again. It’s true—you might finally be able to retire your iron by purchasing a wrinkle-free LDS temple dress.

Consider the Following

It’s clear that wrinkle-free temple dresses can be more comfortable and require less maintenance than normal temple dress materials. However, not all temple dresses are created equally. Not all wrinkle-free temple dresses are created equally, either.

Some manufacturers advertise wrinkle-free fabrics that are only good for one wash but may need to be ironed every use after that. Other temple dresses may not be made from high-quality materials, susceptible to holes or tearing.

At White Elegance, our LDS temple dresses are made from the highest-quality materials, unbelievably comfortable, and wrinkle-free even after multiple washes. With styles for every type of body, our temple dresses are made to fit and flatter all women. Shop the beautiful selection of temple dresses at White Elegance today and discover what a wrinkle-free dress can do for you.

White Elegance There in Times of Need.

Life is full of challenging moments. While White Elegance is there to help during happy moments, we can also lend a hand in the difficult ones. A few weeks ago, a customer wrote a review that touched our team’s hearts. The post included the following:

Dear White Elegance,

When my mother passed away, it was hard to say goodbye. One thing my five sisters and I agreed on was that we wanted to lay our beautiful mother to rest in a dress befitting her amazing life and the love and service she gave to so many others. Mom always wanted to look nice, and we knew her final “event” had to be no exception. We went to White Elegance, hoping to find the perfect dress and accessories. We found a lace dress with extra-long sleeves. They even sent two sizes so we would be sure to have just the right fit. The lace came down just over the top half of her hands and looked so elegant. The dress was brilliant white and could not have been more perfect fit or beautiful. The new slip, hose, and slippers were a perfect addition also. She looked like a sleeping angel! Thank you, White Elegance, for helping us in our time of sorrow to do something that we knew would make our Angel Mother so happy.

– Gloria Jensen. CA

The White Elegance team cannot express our appreciation for Gloria’s kind words enough. Our team understands that while nothing can make the experience of losing a mother easy, the little things can still have an impact.

Our team is humbled and honored that you would trust us with such an important opportunity. Helping people during difficult times is an experience that we don’t take for granted.

This review and experiences like these only deepen our passion for what we do. It is what White Elegance is all about. We are by your side through thick-and-thin, in good times and bad. We are incredibly grateful for all our customers, including those who trust us with their clothing needs in times as difficult as these.

Clothing can have a significant impact on any occasion. Whether it is a skirt and blouse for a funeral or the special white dress for your LDS temple wedding, you need a special outfit that includes all the makings of greatness. No matter where or when, it is important to feel good in the skin you are in, and White Elegance can help you do just that.

Rely on White Elegance for Your Special Occasions

If you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion, count on us. Our white temple clothes, wedding dresses, and special clothing designs include styles that compliment women of all ages.

Our temple skirts, blouses, and dresses consist of easy-care, washable fabrics that resist wrinkles. All designs have been tested, marketed, and have received overwhelming praise. Our items make wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, and holidays.

No matter the occasion, White Elegance would be honored to do our part. Browse our collection of women’s dresses, clothing for men, children, and other specialty items on our site.

You can also visit one of our three Utah showrooms in Centerville, Murray, and Orem. These locations carry a complete line of LDS Temple Clothing, white skirts, tops and shoes, baby blessing dresses and outfits, baptism dresses, pioneer and prairie costumes approved for Youth Trek, modest Sunday dresses, and more.

Visit us today to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. We look forward to seeing you.