Every Piece of Jewelry Tells a Story

While WhiteHard at work Elegance partners with several different charitable projects, this is one of our very favorites.  All of our baptismal and blessing jewelry is produced in the Philippines by a group of resourceful and amazing Young Women.

They meet twice a week, either at the meetinghouse or their instructor’s home, to practice the different jewelry designs. “I am enjoying my time with these girls and I am inspired to help them reach their goals,” said their advisor, Chandra.

Making a Difference

Most of the Young Women have taken on this project in order to help contribute to their family income.  When asked about what she will use her earnings for, Kyle (14) said, “I will spend [mine] for my schooling and I will not ask money anymore from my parents.”  Herlyn (12) said, “I will save for the temple trip, missionary fund, clothes and family needs.”

According to Chandra, most of the girls have only one or two outfits at home, so paying for their own clothes gives them a real sense of independence and accomplishment. Many of them will use some of their funds to help pay for school fees and projects.  Each of them enjoys the satisfaction of contributing to help support their families.

Jackie (age 21) was serving as the First Counselor in the Young Women’s program when she joined in the jewelry making.  Chandra welcomed her to the group after Jackie received her mission call.  “I’ll save my earnings for my mission…and give some to my mother for our daily expenses,” she said.Learning a new pattern

Why We Do It

Every time you purchase a baptism necklace or a blessing bracelet you directly impact the lives of these Young Women and their families. This is why White Elegance created this charitable partnership.  The Young Women are blessed by their efforts, and we, in turn, are blessed by them.