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  • Pioneer bonnets add so much to any Pioneer Costume and LDS Trek.  Affordable and Cute! Pioneer Bonnets protect face and hair from sun, wind, dust and rain. One size. 100% Cotton. So many colors and patterns, it’s hard to choose just one. Why limit yourself? Buy more to have a spare and share 🙂 Great for LDS Treks, Parades, Reenactments or Historical Site positions. Will fit comfortably for Regular, Petite, and Plus size Women. Any LDS trek recommends having at least 3 outfits.  Be prepared. stay dry

    HINT: Select a color from the ‘drop-down-menu’ to see color choice.

    Made in the USA by the very fun people at White Elegance

  • So cute! Beautiful white crocheted hankie on it’s own hanger. Perfect for weddings, Young Women’s or Relief Society handouts.

    $4.49 for 5 or more

Showing all 2 results