5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Pioneer Trek Clothing

Are you planning to go on an LDS trek this year? If so, now is the time to prepare.


Pioneer treks provide an opportunity to travel back in time and experience the challenges pioneers faced in search of religious freedom during the 1800’s. The comforts of modern life are left behind during trek. Cars, cell phones, and modern homes are replaced with handcarts, hard work, and the great outdoors.


A large part of making the LDS trek experience authentic is through proper pioneer clothing. However, it can be difficult to find clothing that is both accurate and comfortable. Luckily for you, the experts at White Elegance have the perfect guide to buying pioneer clothes. Here are their top 5 things to consider when shopping for trek clothing.


Find Appropriate Clothing

Before you start shopping, it’s best to know exactly what you are expected to wear while on a pioneer trek. Women should wear a dress or skirt and top, an apron, bonnet, hiking boots, and a bandana during trek. Men should wear pants, a buttoned shirt, suspenders, boots, a hat and a bandana.


Modern clothing such as baseball caps, jeans, tank tops, and t-shirts are not allowed on trek. Appropriate clothing is not only intended to make you look like a pioneer, it’s to help you appreciate the challenges and sacrifices the pioneers faced.


Consider the Weather

Trek generally takes place during the summer, which means temperatures are likely to be high. Because of this, it’s best to choose clothing that will breathe and keep you cool. Avoid heavy, thick materials for your pioneer clothing. We recommend finding clothes that are 100% cotton or mostly cotton.


The sun is also a major concern for most treks. Sunburns and heatstroke are all too possible if you don’t take the proper precautions. Make sure you have a bonnet or a hat to cover your head. While it may seem counterintuitive to wear long sleeves during trek, they protect you from the sun much more than short sleeves.


Make Comfort a Priority

During your pioneer trek, you may walk up to 13 miles per day while pulling a handcart. Being comfortable isn’t just a recommendation, it’s a necessity. Ensure your comfort by choosing clothing that isn’t itchy, tight, or restricting. While the terrain on trek can be flat, it can also be rough terrain. Finding clothing that enables full mobility will make a big difference on your experience.


It’s also important to find proper footwear for the many miles you may walk while on trek. Opt for high-quality hiking boots and make sure to break them in well before trek. That way you’ll avoid the many woes of blistered feet.


Find Something Fun

Trek clothing should reflect the clothing the pioneers wore, but it shouldn’t be boring! Make sure to find clothing options that are appropriate but reflect your personality at the same time. We love these colorful options. Not only are they great for trek, the skirts and dresses can be worn at church and other activities later on.


Go for High-Quality

When it comes to LDS trek clothing, quality is much more important than quantity. The pioneers didn’t have an entire wardrobe to choose from while trekking across the plains. In fact, they often had to wear a single outfit all the way through. Follow in the pioneers’ footsteps by choosing one or two high-quality outfits to last the whole week.


Don’t cut corners when it comes to your trek clothing. It’s not just something you’ll wear for one week. You can use the clothes for years to come. From future pioneer treks to a variety of church activities, your pioneer clothing can be mixed and matched to fit many occasions.


Consider purchasing trek clothes rather than sewing your own. It will save you time, headaches, and may save more money than you think. Some fabrics are expensive and difficult to sew. Purchasing your own alleviates that risk altogether.


If you’re looking for the perfect, highest-quality clothing for your pioneer trek, look no further than White Elegance. We have a large selection of everything from women’s dresses and bonnets to men’s hats and suspenders. Shop our pioneer trek clothing today to find items that will make your trek experience impactful, authentic, and spiritual.