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  • Adorable white Pioneer Trek Bloomers w/elastic waist & elastic at bottom legs.  Trimmed in lace. We make LDS Trek clothes to keep you comfortable. Great for Trek, Parade, Reenactments or Historical Site position.  If you are going on a 3-5 day LDS Pioneer Trek you will be glad you have a spare pair of Bloomers to keep bugs and crud from your legs. For the Historical Sites and Parades you will be glad to have a clean top too. Any LDS trek recommends having at least 3 outfits. 100% Cotton. Sizes XXS-3XL. Regular to Plus Size available. Bloomers and tops are made of lightweight, wrinkle resistant fabrics. Bloomers have an elastic waist. If you’re going on a LDS Trek, these are a must!!


    Made in the USA by the very fun people at White Elegance

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