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Food Storage

Exclusive Food Storage and Preparedness items that are of high quality and are a great value you can expect from White Elegance.                              We got you covered.

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  • Be ready when life takes an unexpected turn.  Every diet, especially in high stress times, needs quality foods, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  We’ve selected the best available soup mixes at bulk prices.  High quality.  Produced in the USA.  Available in multiple Flavors. Each Flavor will come in case quantities of 6 each. Each case cost is $25.00.

    There is a shelf expectancy of  18 months on these products.  The documentation that we have from the manufacturer states, that under proper storage conditions, the expected shelf life could be years even!  We have enjoyed shelf lives well past that.  The old rule of thumb was, as long as the integrity of the packaging is good, the product inside should still be good.  Sold to you by your Preparedness Friends at White Elegance.

    Sierra Soups is a family owned and operated business based in Fresno, California and has been making soup mixes for over 20 years.  The idea was to create a product that would provide a short-cut to homemade family meals with high quality ingredients and easy to follow directions.  You can find our soup mixes throughout the United States in select grocers and specialty stores. 

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