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Ava Raquel

Exclusively designed dresses, skirts and tops with class, beauty, high quality and the value you expect from White Elegance.   And NEVER any layering needed.  We got you covered.

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  • The invitation said 7:00  sharp.  No worries. You paired your white top, left untied, with your swanky jeans and went antiquing with your girlfriends. Then slipped on the Perfect Pencil, tied the soft white mesh around the front and you were ready for a great evening of jazz at the local Bistro.  On Time.

    *Sizes:  XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24/26, 3XL-28

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  • Scene: Saturday morning      Cinch this dress at the waist and you’re ready to hit the farmer’s market before it gets too hot outside.

    It’s the kind of easy breezy dress that allows for the inevitable: a bouquet of flowers in one hand and multiple canvas bags hanging off your arms. But you don’t mind the load since your bags happen to be full of fresh baked bread, handmade soap, and a local jam that luckily doesn’t have the nutrition facts featured on the side.  Go with your gal pals or go alone, either way you’re about to have the perfect summer morning.

    Sizes: XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24/26, 3XL-28

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  • Walk down the cobblestone streets of Paris, a soft breeze whips your skirt. When in France do as the French do, so you treat yourself to one of those three-course lunches in the middle of a Wednesday.

    Once your waiter brings your baguette and fromage, you’ll pull out your novel just to be interrupted.

    “Mademoiselle?” a handsome young man points to the chair across from you. “Is this seat taken?”

    You were enjoying the time to yourself, but maybe you can entertain for a spur of the moment lunch date.

    Sizes:  XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24/26, 3XL-28

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  • City lights pass by your car window in the dark. You’ve already thrown those sensible flats in the back seat and pulled out those stilettos.

    Roll down the car window and let the cool night breeze wash over you.You could be going to a darkly lit rooftop dinner. A gallery showing. A night at the opera. No matter what your look has that classic feel that rings of 50’s Hollywood starlets or modern day princesses.

    Sizes:  XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24-26, 3XL-28  Models are 5’11”, 5’8″ and 5’7″

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  • Your dream of a nun named Maria knocking on your door and turning your family into a group of singers never came true. But you can still sing through the sunny Alps in a perfectly tailored dress – this one’s just a bit more comfortable than those made of curtains – button to the top for a sisterly look or keep it loose for a bit more freedom. Either way you’re ready to dance through the wildflowers

    *Sizes: XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24/26, 3XL-28

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  • You’ve spent more than one night recently curled up on the sofa, tea in one hand, cat in lap, and laptop teetering on the arm rest. It’s not easy being the modern day woman who does it all. Raise the kids, keep a cheery disposition, and climb the career ladder one rung at a time.

    But now your late nights have paid off. You’re the one with the oak desk, ergonomic chair, big window with the city view.

    Avoid the harsh pantsuit. Instead opt for this silky button up that will make you feel as posh as you look. You’re dressed in a dominant yet feminine way that will perfectly complement your personality.

    Sizes:  XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24/26, 3XL-28  *Models are 5’8″ and 5’11”.

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  • Rosie the Riveter to be our model – most anything worth doing in life requires rolling up your sleeves.

    Luckily for you this dress gives you two good ways to roll up your sleeves in your moment to shine. Cuff for a clean-line accent, or scrunch and button when its time to get down to serious business. Either way you’ll be looking inspirational.  Add a strappy heel and head to the theater for an unforgettable night of Tchaikovsky and finger food.

    Sizes:  XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18. XL-20/22, 2XL-24/26, 3XL-28  Models are 5’11”, 5’8″ and 5’3″

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  • Ava Raquel Twilight $39.99

    When the sun goes down and the lights come up, you slip on the top in every woman’s favorite color. Black. From formal wedding to raucous reception your top goes from tied around the back to flowing with the music loosely knotted in the front.  Oh yes, life is to be celebrated.

    Sizes:  XS-4/6, S-8/10, M-12/14, L-16/18, XL-20/22, 2XL-24/26,

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  • Your day is jammed packed with errands and that routine mammogram you’ve been dreading, then off to the City Hall to campaign for a stop sign at the end of your street.  No time to fuss with clothing today.  You grab your Go To Top that drapes softly to the side and always keeps you covered where you want it most.  Done.  You’re out the door looking sharp and smart.  Anytime, any day.

    *We’ve added 2 inches of length since photo was taken.  Skims the hip. You’ll love the coverage even in boyfriend jeans.

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