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Medical Protective Gown

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Showing all 5 results


Who needs to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

PPE are special coverings designed to protect dental health care personnel (DHCP) from exposure to or contact with infectious agents. These include gloves, face masks, protective eyewear, face shields, and protective clothing (e.g., reusable or disposable gown, jacket, lab coat). PPE can also prevent microorganisms from spreading from DHCP to patients.

What is the Proper Sizing and Fit for PPE?

Most gowns are a one size fits all. However, a proper fitting gown should cover front to back without having so much fabric that it gets in the way of performing duties. Sleeves should be long enough with polyester cuffs to fit easily under gloves.

  • *M: 5'2" – 5'7" 110-160 lbs
  • *L: 5'2" – 5'11" 110-200 lbs
  • *XL: 5'9" – 6'5" 190-250 lbs
What is the benefit for PPE Equipment being made in the USA?

Buying PPE made in the USA using domestic fabrics and components insures that critical items will always be available – even during times of pandemic or global unrest. We’ve seen what happens when the supply chain becomes broken or pushed to its limits and unable to provide needed PPE.

Medical gowns keep dentists, hygienists, nurses, and others in the skilled nursing community safe. Our protective PPE medical gowns come in an array of sizes so your entire workforce can have peace of mind.

These surgical gowns also fit industry guidelines with long sleeves that protect wrists and forearms, as well as fabric that covers the neck, knees, and wrap around the back to prevent contamination. A side tie that runs along the waist and a necktie also make our medical gown selection easy-to-wear. All ties and stress points feature a secure bar tack that ensures safe and effective use. Learn more about White Elegance’s medical gown options and by contacting us today.